Cybersafety and Security Awareness
Cybersafety and Security Awareness

Information and communication technology and use of internet in general have grown as the catalyst for economic, social and political development not only for Tanzania but the world at large. Apart from the blessing brought by this sector in development, its misuse causes loss and inflict injuries not only to individuals but also to the government.


The number of people using the internet worldwide has grown exponentially. Statistics show that as of January 2021, the number of people using the internet was 4.66 billion, which is 59.5 percent of the world's population. This increase in internet users, goes hand in hand with the increase in cybercrime. Studies continue to show that by 2021, cybercrime costed the world $ 6 trillion, with an estimated $ 10.5 trillion by 2025.


In Tanzania, TCRA statistics show that more than half of Tanzanians use the internet. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics and the Police Force show that the number of cybercrimes reported in 2020 is 4,850 compared to 3,514 reported cases in 2019. An increase of 1336 incidents. Cybercrime causes serious losses and consequences for individuals and the government.


Many of the effects of internet use are caused by two factors. One is the limited understanding of the safe use of ICT and the Internet in general. Two, is the emergence of new crime tactics and criminals who commit offenses through the internet. The police force explains: "With the advent of science and technology, criminals have come up with innumerable forms of crime, leading to the emergence of new forms of crime as cybercrime…"


The 2016 ICT policy provides guidance on the use and importance of technology in development. Also, the need to recognize the impact of ICT abuse and promote law enforcement and effective management that will ensure the safety online users and related equipment.


In order to protect community from the negative effects of cybercrime, efforts have been made especially in the provision of education on the safe use of the internet. The government, through institutions such as TCRA and the Police, has been making various efforts. These include enactment of various laws, regulations and policies that focus on the misuse of the internet, but also provision of education and promotion of awareness on cyber security.


In addition to government efforts, civil society organizations play an important role in to educate the community and raise awareness about the safe use of the Internet. In recognition of this, PESACO's mission is to support the efforts of government and its institutions in educating the public on the safe use of the internet.


Methods used to provide education are as follows: -

1.      Organize educational seminars for various groups in the community, including children and parents;

2.      Collaborate with private institutions including those that protect, promote and enhance ethical values ​​in society, (i.e religious institutions);

3.      Collaborate with government and its respective institutions (i.e TCRA and Police);

4.      Visit primary and secondary schools with the aim of providing students and teachers with education, skills and knowledge on the safe use of computers;

5.      Visit government and private offices for the purpose of providing educational materials in relation to cyber safety and security;

6.      Prepare books, articles and educational leaflets;

7.      Use our social media networks;

8.      Publish educational article in our website.