We are Non-profit Non-governmental Organization envision a secure community where public members willingly abide by the law and provide cooperation for their safety

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Road Safety Awareness

Educating society on the safe use of road to avoid accidents and crashes

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Cyber safety and Security Awareness

Creating a safer cyberspace through public awareness

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Community Policing Advocacy

Advocating for proactive intervention in crime reduction and prevention

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PESACO recently organized a live road safety education session at Makumbusho Bus Stand in Dar es Salaam. This impactful event was dedicated to Daladala and Bajaji drivers, during which they were reminded of the crucial importance of adhering to road safety laws and regulations. By engaging with the drivers directly, PESACO aimed to reinforce the significance of responsible driving practices, contributing to a safer and more secure transportation environment for both drivers and passengers. Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing initiatives for a safer community.

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PESACO is eager to reveal the Sheria na Mitandao project—an upcoming media session initiative designed to raise awareness among online and electronic device users. This dedicated session aims to address critical issues related to cybercrimes, with a particular focus on preventing occurrences such as cyberbullying and the associated impacts, including effects on mental health. In an era where digital interactions play a significant role in our lives, Sheria na Mitandao strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the online landscape safely and responsibly. 


PESACO is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of the EBA Project—a groundbreaking initiative featuring a dedicated online media session focused on digitalizing road safety education. Recognizing the transformative power of media, our organization aims to harness online platforms to make crucial road safety information easily accessible to a broader audience. In an era where numerous road users actively engage online, the EBA Project seeks to provide comprehensive education on road safety laws and regulations. We believe that this digital approach will significantly enhance awareness, contributing to the promotion of safer road practices and a substantial reduction in road accidents and crashes in Tanzania. Stay tuned for the exciting launch, as we continue our commitment to advancing road safety education through modern and inclusive means.

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